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BaranovTV is taking a bit of a break right now while we concentrate on supporting our clients through the Coronavirus crisis.

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You can see all of our Rebound Resources through our separate hub. These resources will be added to over the coming days and weeks, to help your business come through the Coronavirus crisis as strongly as possible.

BaranovTV – Simplify your Business life for 2020! Episode 98

If you (or a bookkeeper) are still keying your raw data into your bookkeeping system, you need to watch this for a really easy way to make life far simpler! We made a Premium ReceiptBank licence free for every client a few months ago, but some clients we think would really benefit, haven’t yet taken […]

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BaranovTV – Budgets for your business Part 1, Episode 96

Using a budget within your business can make a real difference to its success. But how? Why do you need one and where do you start? What should you think about? How do you report on actual figures versus budget, and what happens if there are differences? It’s all in this two episode series, starting […]

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BaranovTV – A Christmas gift from us to you! Episode 95

We wanted to find a gift for our clients this Christmas. It needed to be something to make their lives easier, and I think we found the ideal option! Monitoring cash flow in a business can be hard, so we’re gifting every client free access to Fluidly – a 90 day cash flow forecasting tool. […]

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