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What videos do I need in my business?

‘What videos do I need in my business?’ is a common discussion that we have with clients, as many of them are wary of the camera, but know that the statistics show that video can make a HUGE difference to most businesses. In this episode, we’ll get into the ways to use video, how to […]

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Protect your State Pension!

Your entitlement to a State Pension depends on two things: The amounts you’ve paid in National Insurance over the years. The accuracy of HMRC’s records of those payments. The amounts you pay are easy to monitor, but the second is more tricky! In this video we share some of the horror stories we’ve heard recently […]

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Budgets for your business Part 1

Using a budget within your business can make a real difference to its success. But how? Why do you need one and where do you start? What should you think about? How do you report on actual figures versus budget, and what happens if there are differences? It’s all in this two episode series, starting […]

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What is a ‘Reasonable Excuse’?

Once the 5th April has passed each year, the majority of people have until the 31st January the next year to submit their Self Assessment Tax Return. This is a significant length of time, yet 750,000 people missed that deadline in 2018. The majority of these people will have received a penalty from HMRC for […]

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