2021 Growth Forecasts Improve

The UK economy will grow by 6.8% in 2021 according to the EY Item Club’s spring forecast, up from the 5% predicted in their winter forecast. That forecast would put growth at the fastest rate since the second world war. According to the economic forecasting group, the higher rate of growth is partly because the […]

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The Kickstart Scheme is now accessible!

The Kickstart Scheme was announced way back as part of Rishi Sunak’s Summer Economic update, but the limitations made it inaccessible for most businesses. The original announcement stated: Younger people are the hardest hit in terms of retaining and finding jobs. For employers who recruit 16 to 24 year olds into new jobs, working a […]

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Your key job this week….

As we head in to the second half of lockdown in England, there is one major task that every business owner should think about. When the second lockdown was announced, we said how important it was going to be to keep in touch with your customers. It’s NOT their job to remember you, but yours […]

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Marketing your Business – Why ‘Laser Focus’ is key…

It’s really easy, if you suddenly realise that you need to find new customers, to feel that you’ve got to be on every platform and have got to be doing every form of marketing. In this situation what you actually need is ‘laser focus’. Why do you need it? How do you find it? It’s […]

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Marketing your business – Two for the Swipe File!

When you’re responsible for marketing and customer satisfaction, it’s really useful to keep an eye on what other businesses are doing. How are they communicating with customers and building relationships? In this video I’ve got two examples for you, that would be really simple to adapt to use in your own business. Transcript: Hi and […]

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The Diderot Effect – making the social phenomenon work for you!

What’s the Diderot Effect, and what impact could it have to a 21st Century business? It’s all in this week’s video! Denis Diderot was an 18th Century philosopher, but his experiences are still relevant to our own lives, and to those of our customers and clients today. It’s our job to take the Diderot Effect […]

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