All change at Companies House!

As part of the Government’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has fast-tracked the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Bill 2022. At the same time, it published a white paper that will make dramatic changes at Companies House, and to the information that Limited Companies must put into the public domain. These changes are […]

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Companies House Late Filing Penalties are back!

Companies House Late Filing Penalties are back! Companies House has updated its Covid-19 guidance and has ended payment breaks for late filing penalties. UK registered private companies, public companies, and limited liability partnerships (LLP) will once again be given an automatic penalty if they file their accounts after the deadline. Over the last 18 months, […]

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Accounts Filing deadlines

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 became law on the 25th June 2020. This automatically extended Companies House filing deadlines for accounts that were due to be filed between 28th June 2020 and 5th April 2021. The extensions were put in place to enable companies to focus their efforts on maintaining their business during […]

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Annual Fee Review Update

Within our standard terms and conditions, we mention an annual fee review on the 1st April. In February 2020 we warned clients that we’d need to increase our fees slightly from 1st April 2020, despite avoiding doing so the year before. We needed to take account of inflation and price increases from our suppliers, but kept […]

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COVID Changes at Companies House

In an attempt to protect staff and to maintain their services, Companies House have made quite a few changes to their operations. Working under COVID safe guidelines and with reduced numbers able to work in the offices, there have been some significant delays in their processing of correspondence, documents and forms. It’s hoped that the […]

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