Strategic Planning & Review

Even the smallest business can benefit from a Strategic Plan and, as with a Business Plan, the real benefit of having one comes from regular review. If not, how will you know that you are making progress in the right areas and in the right direction?

A strategic planning session should look at every aspect of the business. It isn’t enough to just look at one or two isolated areas, as you won’t get the full picture.

  • Are you heading in the right direction with the plans you currently have?
  • Are the small changes you’re making congruent with the big picture and your business goals?
  • Do your business and personal goals align, or are you setting yourself up for problems later when they conflict?

Once you have looked in detail at the whole business and taken your personal and family aspirations into account, you can start to build an action plan. This can be broken down to form small steps with milestones along the way that you can work towards.

That sounds great, but what area should be considered? There may be some that would be specific to your business, but a starting point would always include the following:

  • Marketing
  • Finance / Investment
  • Sales
  • HR / Recruitment
  • Development
  • Legal

As you can see, some of these are outside of our area of expertise, so it would be at the is point that we would call in your other advisors, or call on our extended networks of associates for support if there is none available.

During the process, it usually becomes apparent that there are obstacles that are stopping you reaching your goals, and we would work with you to formulate a plan to overcome them. There are a wide range of areas to consider!

Once established, a strategic plan should be built into your regular review process, whether with us or internally, providing you with the proof that you are making real progress, and the related motivation lift that should follow, or showing you which areas are lacking the focus to do so.

Businesses that have a clear strategic plan that is regularly reviewed are statistically proven to dramatically increase the likelihood that they will achieve their goals for success. If you’d like to be one of them, contact us now to discuss how a completely bespoke strategic planning or review session could help.

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