Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

Looking for a way to encourage investors to put their money into your business? The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is available to businesses at any stage of their life cycle, and provides opportunities for investors to obtain significate tax relief on their investment.

The available reliefs for qualifying businesses are as follows:

  • Income tax relief of up to 30% of the sum invested
  • Exemption from Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax Deferral Relief
  • Exemption from Inheritance Tax
  • Loss Relief

As with an SEIS scheme, we can handle all of the processes around the EIS scheme, including the preapproval process and applications:

  • Confirm the suitability of the business for the scheme.
  • Identify or confirm the available tax savings for potential investors, often positively influencing their decision to invest.
  • Completion of the necessary applications and following them through to approval.
  • Issuing the final certificates to investors to enable their claim to the tax relief.

In the past we have been highly successful with EIS schemes, in several instances where other firms have advised that the relief would not be available. One scheme in particular raised £850,000. In these situations, we would ordinarily prepare Business plans, Finance Plans, the EIS application and deal with its submission, following the process through from start to successful conclusion.

If you are considering an EIS scheme, contact us; we’d love to help you get it underway and see the investment help you achieve your business dream!

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