I’m Simon!

Simon and his co-director run a financial services business, which employs more than twenty people. Their business has a fairly complex structure, which has required some careful consideration to ensure they have the most tax efficient arrangements at various key times.

Turnover has risen steadily over many years, and is now just beyond the £3 million mark.

Given the financial background of the business, the Directors are able to develop the business and operate the finances comfortably, but value the bespoke nature and flexibility of our approach and the access to our support and advice for occasional situations that arise.

Within Simon’s industry, there is a requirement for regular Industry specific Returns, which require our input in good time for the filing deadline. These provide additional value as we use them as a gauge to review performance in the period and allow Simon to implement any changes before the year end is reached.

The strategy of the business and potential succession and transition are the major areas of discussion between us, alongside the most tax efficient ways to withdraw funds.

Simon uses the following Baranov Associates services:

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