HMRC Investigations & Enquiries

As a result of increased pressure from Government, the numbers of HMRC Investigations and Enquiries rise dramatically every year. HMRC’s powers have been increased, they have cross trained personnel who can look at all types of tax and they have been given stiff targets for the amounts of additional tax they are compelled to recover every year.

The unfortunate result is a significant rise in the number of investigations and enquiries and visits, often without any explanation or justification, and a comparable increase in the worry and pressure for many people and businesses, faced with defending their already correct position and who ultimately have neither any further liability nor any recourse for the worry, strain and distraction that results.

Business Records Checks allow HMRC to inspect records before the year end, at seven days notice and with potential penalties of up to £3,000 for any shortcomings they identify.

Ever aware of the added stress that these events place on business owners we want to offer peace of mind.

As a result we automatically subscribe all of our clients to our fee protection scheme at no extra cost.

This enables us to deal directly with HMRC on your behalf whenever they may make contact, but in particular should an enquiry be opened or if they want to visit your premises. The scheme covers our fees incurred in defending your position, inspired as a direct result of our feeling of injustice at this worsening situation.

If our clients receive any communication from HMRC, they can just direct them to us and we will take care of it on their behalf, which can often forestall any future issues.

Membership includes unlimited access to helplines for advice on the following subjects:

Proactive HR advice, including:

  • Managing absenteeism
  • Handling Disciplinary & Grievance processes
  • Calculating Holiday Entitlement
  • Managing redundancies
  • Dismissing a member of staff
  • Drafting a Contract of Employment

Health & Safety, including:

  • Explanation of your Health & Safety Responsibilities
  • Ensuring your documentation reflects that your obligations are being met.

Commercial Legal Advice Line:

  • Company Law
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Insolvency
  • Data protection, Freedom of Information & Equality Act
  • Intellectual Property
  • Property
  • Tort Law

Access to HR Assist Website, packed with templates and tips.

PLUS: preferential rates on the following:

  • Health & Safety Compliance Audit
  • Critique of your Employment documentation – are you protected?
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Safety in Procurement Accreditations

Access to all of this information is entirely complimentary, so if you are at all unsure on any area, a quick call can be all that’s needed to put your mind at rest, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Why not get in touch now to find out more about the benefits of the scheme and sleep better at night?


HMRC are struggling with a Tax Gap of £33billion! Find out what we’re doing to minimise what they’re getting from our clients…


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Fee Protection is now included as standard! – Every year HMRC subject a growing number of submissions from small businesses to intense scrutiny, often without cause and without recovering more tax. This can be a huge cost to the business, both in fees for defending their position, but also in terms of time and worry.

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