Business Tax

The business tax system is becoming ever more complex, with increasingly harsh penalties, but business owners have no option than to contend with its rules and regulations. It is therefore essential to be sure that your position and your decisions are considered carefully to make sure that you pay as little as possible.

We keep your tax bills to an absolute minimum by considering all available allowances, losses and opportunities to reduce your business tax liability.

This can include areas such as:

  • A full review is carried out of expenses, entertaining and legal costs on capital expenditure.
  • Capital allowances are reviewed to ensure the maximum allowable is claimed.
  • Leased cars are adjusted for, if appropriate.

Research and Development tax credits are painfully underexploited within the small business community. We’ve had very successful experience with claims in the past, across a range of industries including manufacturing, Software and Technology. If you’re developing a new product of any kind, there could be major savings to be made!

Regular pre-year-end Tax Planning is vital to ensure any liability is effectively minimised, or the opportunity can be lost forever. This can be as simple as making a key purchase or disposal at the right time, or considering how dividend timing flows through into your Personal Tax return.

The world of Business Tax is a complex one for any business, but one that we can lead you through and explain fully so that you understand it; why not contact us now to arrange a discussion to see how we could improve your tax position?


Company car tax is changing – watch this episode of BaranovTV to find out more:


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