Accurate bookkeeping, which all businesses should aim to have, requires accuracy, consistency, expertise and regular attention. Too often the reality is that the processing of the pile of paperwork that builds up in the corner is a rushed task late at night, over a weekend when you would rather be spending time with family, or taking a well-earned break.

Sound familiar?

The outcome of good bookkeeping is precise management information that empowers the Business Owner but the processing of the source documents and all that it entails isn’t good use of a busy business owner’s time.

We don’t offer bookkeeping ourselves, as we can add more value for our clients in other ways; instead we have identified a number of certified and experienced bookkeepers, both locally to us and further afield, to whom we can make introductions and with whom we work closely, ensuring the processes they are completing for our clients are of the quality we would require.

We manage the overall process, liaise with the business owners and the appropriate bookkeeper as necessary, particularly in the early days of the relationship or should issues arise. Otherwise we leave the relationship to develop to enable the bookkeeper and client to work closely together.

What we do offer is a FREE Premium licence for ReceiptBank for every client, as we want to help reduce your bookkeeping burden as far as possible. This comes with sufficient transitions and licences to enable every business to benefit from the efficiencies it offers. Whether you have an internal or external bookkeeper, the system can provide a huge time saving and improve accuracy and consistency too.

As certified users of Xero and Quickbooks, we can also offer guidance for you or your bookkeeper, through the software, suggesting ways to streamline your existing processes. We can also suggest other ‘bolt-on’ apps that can make life easier still. Find out more about the benefits of Cloud Accounting Software here.

Bookkeeping is not all about the software though!

It’s about having the knowledge and confidence that the right information is being recorded in the right way. Without experience and without support, the bookkeeping for small businesses is often left until the last minute or until just before the VAT Return is due to be filed. We all know how many demands there are on everyone’s time these days, and working through ‘the books’ on a Sunday afternoon to get the VAT up to date isn’t good for anyone!

  • Family relationships suffer
  • The quality of the records suffers
  • The knowledge that the pile is waiting hangs over you, spoiling the rest of the weekend…

The experts can process far quicker, more accurately and more consistently; what is the opportunity cost of you NOT passing the responsibility on?

Talk to us now to solve this, once and for all, and we’ll give you back your evenings and weekends and the peace of mind to enjoy them!


Mileage tracking can be a pain, but here’s a really easy solution:


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