Month: October 2020

Marketing your Business – Why ‘Laser Focus’ is key…

It’s really easy, if you suddenly realise that you need to find new customers, to feel that you’ve got to be on every platform and have got to be doing every form of marketing. In this situation what you actually need is ‘laser focus’. Why do you need it? How do you find it? It’s […]

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A cashless society? Not yet…

The government is holding a six-week consultation to make sure that cash remains available to those who want to use it, throughout the UK. Announced in the March 2020 Budget, this has gained importance as COVID-19 responses has seen a huge surge in the use of contactless payment methods and online payments. Some sections of […]

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Job Retention Scheme – last claims reminder

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, or the Furlough scheme, is due to end on the 31st October. It will be replaced with the Job Support Scheme, in its various guises. If you’ve used the Furlough scheme, it’s important to make sure that you submit your last claim by the 30th November, after which no new […]

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Statistics reflect ongoing business struggles…

Ernst & Young Global, or EY, have reported some fairly dire statistics around the number of Profit Warnings in the UK in the first 9 months of the year. The reported number in that period, 524, far exceeded the highest ever ANNUAL total, recorded as 506 in 2001. More are expected too, as a result […]

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Marketing your business – Two for the Swipe File!

When you’re responsible for marketing and customer satisfaction, it’s really useful to keep an eye on what other businesses are doing. How are they communicating with customers and building relationships? In this video I’ve got two examples for you, that would be really simple to adapt to use in your own business. Transcript: Hi and […]

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Spending Review to look only at 2021/22

The Spending Review’s intended remit was to cover the rest of this Parliament, but instead it has been announced that it will cover just the 2021/22 period. The decision has been made to allow for flexibility around Coronavirus support, and at a time of bitter rows with local leaders around the country. The focus will […]

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