Month: January 2020

What videos do I need in my business?

‘What videos do I need in my business?’ is a common discussion that we have with clients, as many of them are wary of the camera, but know that the statistics show that video can make a HUGE difference to most businesses. In this episode, we’ll get into the ways to use video, how to […]

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Sonos seeks forgiveness…

Sonos has been a leader in the world of wireless speakers and smart music for many years. Its speakers work together to form a seamless sound solution throughout the home. Though desirable, they are not cheap, so the announcement last week that many of the legacy models will no longer receive updates was met with […]

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Protect your State Pension!

Your entitlement to a State Pension depends on two things: The amounts you’ve paid in National Insurance over the years. The accuracy of HMRC’s records of those payments. The amounts you pay are easy to monitor, but the second is more tricky! In this video we share some of the horror stories we’ve heard recently […]

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Is ‘Presenteeism’ an issue for your business?

A new report by consultancy firm Deloitte and mental health charity Mind, has shown that poor mental health in the workplace is costing UK employers. ‘Presenteeism’, where employees are coming in to work, despite feeling unwell, means they are less productive as a result. They’re also spreading their germs amongst everyone else! The overall number […]

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‘Thank you’ to our Tax Return clients…

We’re past the middle of the month, and all over the country there are accountants burning the midnight oil working on the flood of tax returns that still need to be prepared before the filing deadline of the 31st January. HMRC estimated that 5.4 million, almost 50% of the 11 million that are due to […]

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December Retail Sales may lead to base rate cut

December was the fifth consecutive month of zero growth in Retail sales, which has increased the chances of a reduction in the Bank of England Base Rate. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that sales reduced in December, in comparison to the previous three months, by 1%. This reduction was caused by a […]

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