Month: December 2019

Cash flow forecasting – a Christmas gift from us to you!

We wanted to find a gift for our clients this Christmas. It needed to be something to make their lives easier, and I think we found the ideal option!¬†Monitoring cash flow in a business can be hard, so we’re gifting every client free access to Fluidly – a 90 day cash flow forecasting tool. Watch […]

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It’s Christmas!

With just a few days left until the festivities commence, our blog post today is taking a seasonal twist! There’ll be no talk of tax, or technicalities, business growth or your plans for 2020. There won’t be even a hint of cashflow or finance either! Instead we’re keeping things simple. Chris and I would like […]

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Scottish Highlands to Introduce UK’s first ‘Tourist Tax’ on campers

The Highland Council voted recently to allow local authorities to introduce a ‘tourist tax’ on short term visitors, of ¬£1 per night. This will for the first time in the UK include campers. The council took the unprecedented step in response to criticism about the standard of local facilities. The controversial decision was taken in […]

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Overcoming Xero’s Bank Feeds issues…

With the advent of Open Banking, many of Xero’s bank feeds have changed. As a result of the new feeds, several clients have had some issues, so we thought it would be helpful to address those in one place. Bank Rules Changes in Xero’s Bank Feeds will change the way the information comes into Xero […]

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Is growth always the right focus? BaranovTV, Episode 93

We talk about helping businesses grow, and work with lots for whom that is their target, but is it always the right thing to push for? Watch this to find out! Transcript: Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax, and to help your business grow. […]

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