Month: February 2019

EU VAT Brexit warning

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has urged UK businesses to claim any local VAT incurred in the EU before the 29th March 2019. If they don’t, they’ll need to follow the paper process for each country, rather than use the existing electronic¬†EU VAT refund system. Additionally, the cut-off dates for this system may well […]

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HMRC Self Assessment penalty notices delayed

HMRC has decided to delay the sending of Self Assessment penalty notices where the Personal Tax return was submitted after 31st January 2019. This could cause some tax payers to incur increased fines. Ordinarily, HMRC would send all Self Assessment penalty notices in February, before increased fines take effect. This year however, they have decided […]

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BaranovTV – How many do you REALLY need? Episode 52

It’s easy to get carried away with your marketing efforts, and frantically try to be on every platform, and looking into every opportunity, but it is possible to do far less and get better results. How? Watch this to find out! Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to de-mystify the world […]

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More Business Avoidance!

Anyone who’s read our posts for a while will know how much I hate to see businesses shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to the basic sales process. You’ll have seen it too, businesses failing to follow up, and generally letting sales opportunities fall through your fingers… Today I’ve got another example of […]

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BaranovTV – You’ve got to be in it… Episode 51

Would you like to raise the profile of your business and differentiate it from the competition? Watch this to find out more about one fabulous way to do exactly that! Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow. Now, […]

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Why should I have a Will?

No-one likes to think about death, but there are good reasons for doing so! There are also good reasons to make sure you have a Will, and that it’s up to date. Without a Will, your intentions may not be adhered to. Without a Will, the Intestacy rules will apply to decide how your belongings […]

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