Month: January 2019

Is a ‘healthy brownie’ a cake or confectionary?

Many years ago, there was a long running saga around whether Jaffa cakes were cakes or whether they were actually biscuits. The discussion was around how they should be treated for VAT, and now there is a new variation on the question, this time around a ‘healthy Brownie’. The Background The VAT treatment of food […]

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‘A huge waste of talent, experience and potential’

‘A huge waste of talent, experience and potential’ was the verdict from Alistair McQueen, head of savings and retirement at Aviva. He was commenting on the latest labour market release from the Office of National Statistics. The report showed that we currently have record numbers of over-50s in the working population, BUT that figure drops […]

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BaranovTV – Who do you need? Episode 48

We chose ‘Associates’ as part of our name for good reason, so it’s probably about time we explained why, and how it could help you! Transcript: Hi and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to help your business grow. Now, I did an episode a […]

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Late payment frustration boils over in Liverpool…

We often talk about late payments and the impact they can have on small businesses. They put additional pressure on cash flow, cause sleepless nights and can be even cause the failure of businesses if they are allowed to escalate. Sadly, some large businesses take advantage of their size and buying power, putting pressure on […]

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Credit Card fees are now illegal…

In January 2018, it became illegal to charge an additional fee for accepting payment by credit card. Despite this, there are still thought to be hundreds of small businesses that are unaware of the change in legislation. The change of rules came in from the EU and from the UK Government, but the BBC has […]

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200,000 start-ups take dual registration route

Since the combined registration service was set up more than a year ago, with HMRC and Companies House working in partnership, more than 200,000 new businesses have benefitted. The new company registration service enables companies to register for tax and HMRC’s digital services at the same time as registering their company with Companies House. This […]

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