Month: June 2018

Is your business being sabotaged?

On our way back from Europe on Monday, we drove onto the train for the Channel Tunnel as usual. We were quite relaxed and looking forward to getting home. We’ve traveled the route quite a few times, and there was no reason to think anything would be different this time. That changed when the train […]

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How is an Outsourced FD different to an Accountant?

How is an Outsourced FD different to an Accountant? Given that we can offer both services, the dividing line can be blurred! In reality, there are key differences between the services provided as an Outsourced FD (Finance Director) and a typical Accountancy service. Accountants: Record and process the historical transactions of the business, often many […]

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BaranovTV – HMRC Issue a stern warning! Episode 18

Treasury Secretary Mel Stride has issued a stern warning to taxpayers – watch this to find out what about! Transcript: Hi and welcome to another episode of Baranov TV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and help your business grow. Now today’s episode really isn’t that cheery! It’s much more of a […]

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What is a CVA?

The pace of change within the retail world seems to be increasing everyday, with Mothercare, New Look and Carpetright all entering CVAs recently. House of Fraser is considering the option at the moment. Each company has hit troubled times and is looking to a CVA as a means of survival. What is a CVA? A […]

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Using Direct Debits to get to the money faster!

Using Direct Debits to collect payments from your customers and clients is becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why! You’re in control, as the customer needs take no action to instigate the payment. You need to tell them what you’re taking and when of course, but once the Debit is set […]

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Who are the CCAB?

In common with the majority of businesses in the UK, we’ve been updating all of our agreements for GDPR recently. As part of their guidance for the new regulations, our governing body, the ACCA, issued new engagement letter templates, which included a reference to the CCAB. So who ARE the CCAB? The Consultative Committee of […]

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