Month: February 2018

Financial Mismanagement at Toys R Us?

Today has not been a good day for British Retail. Both Toys R Us and Maplin have announced that they are now in administration. Both of these are largely as a result of failing to keep up with changing markets, but in the case of Toys R Us in particular, there would also appear to […]

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Making Tax Digital – The story so far…

HMRC’s new ‘Making Tax Digital‘ regime comes into effect in April 2019. It will impact all businesses, but will hit VAT registered businesses currently using spreadsheets and manual records the hardest. Whilst April 2019 will soon be here, there’s no need for these businesses to panic – yet! There’s still time to minimise the impact […]

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Would YOUR Management Accounts pass?

You may think that Management Accounts are pretty standard, and they should be, but a recent event proved that isn’t actually the case! An audience of more than 500 business owners was asked a series of questions about their Management Accounts, to assess the quality and completeness of the information they contain. The results were […]

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The New GDPR Regulations – Episode 2

Following on from Episode 1 (predictably!) this second episode gives you more practical suggestions on what you need to look at within your business to make sure you’re complying with the regulations in good time. Transcript: Hi, and welcome to another episode of BaranovTV, designed to demystify the world of accounts and tax and to […]

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Why Capita can be a lesson to us all…

Capita shares plunged by 50% yesterday, in the wake of an announcement from it’s new Chief Executive, Jonathan Lewis. He said the company, employing 70,000 people, had become “too complex” and “driven by a short-term focus” and needed to change its approach. A review had found that, essentially, the company was spread too thin, relied too much […]

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